Seniors are special here

Although Dr. Kimbrough treats persons of all ages, our largest single group of patients are over 55. For this reason, Dr. Kimbrough and the staff have spent years acquiring special knowledge and expertise in the more complex and chronic problems that come with advancing age.

We are exceptionally well qualified to treat typical senior dental problems such as cracked, worn and broken teeth. (Over one third of all teeth with silver fillings eventually break, leading to premature extraction.)

Many of our first-time mature patients are surprised to learn they’ve been living with a problem that is easily correctable -and that they need never loose another tooth, no matter what their age is.

We’re experts at

  • state of the art implants
  • precision partials that are completely comfortable and will never slip
  • overdentures that fit far better than regular dentures and greatly improve chewing ability
  • painless, inexpensive teeth whitening to correct the dullness that comes with age.

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