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Thanks to today’s advanced dental science, tooth loss is no longer inevitable. On the contrary, your teeth will last a lifetime with proper care.

Age is never the cause of tooth loss!

Teeth are lost only two ways. First, through cracking or breaking. Second, as a result of periodontal disease that has gone untreated. It begins as gum disease and progresses to the bone supporting the teeth -and you never know it’s happening because it’s nearly always painless.

Almost every adult has gum disease. Studies put the figure at nearly nine out of ten. The good news is, periodontal disease can almost always be cured with little or no loss of teeth.

The key is to have a professional periodontal exam, which is painless, followed by proper home care.

Regular cleaning by a skilled hygienist is ultra-important!

We also offer non-surgical laser treatment for your gum disease. No scalpel, no sutures -just an ultra thin laser fiber (about the size of two of your hairs) that easily slides between your teeth and gum tissue to painlessly eliminate the bacteria causing the disease.

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