Dear Dr. K and Angel Aneli,

We had a dinner at church tonight and, imagine my surprise when I came home and heard your beautiful phone message.  You two are amazing and do I feel pampered and well cared for?  I think so – beyond my wildest dreams.  I feel like I have “come home” to someone I can trust again and words are so inadequate to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you both.  I am pain free and relieved to be on the road again with dental care and in the hands of two such loving angels.

Praying God’s richest blessings on you both as you minister to all of your patients and so easily earn their trust and admiration,

Shelley Dennis

P.S.  A hug to Caroline!

Dear Dr. Kimbrough, Aneli and staff,

I want to thank you for all the kindness, caring and professionalism, involved in my treatment. I had always been scared of dentistry, but since the first time I went to your office I felt at home in the warm environment you have created for your patients… every member of your staff treated me like family. I didn’t feel any pain during the sessions, and soon all my fears disappeared magically!

You people helped me so patiently and kindly through the whole process and I feel profoundly grateful for that!

Y. Emery
Naples, FL

Queridos Dr. Kimbrough, Aneli y demás personal,

Quiero expresarles mis agradecimientos por la bondadosa atención, amabilidad y profesionalismo que me proporcionaron durante mi tratamiento. Siempre le tuve miedo a la dentisteria, pero desde la primera vez que entre en su consultorio me sentí como en mi hogar, en ese ambiente tan cálido que ustedes han creado para sus pacientes… cada miembro de su personal me trató como si fuera mi familia. No sentí ningún tipo de dolor durante las sesiones y muy pronto todos mis temores desaparecieron como por arte de magia!

Todos ustedes me ayudaron durante todo el proceso con tanta paciencia, afecto y amabilidad que de verdad me siento profundamente agradecida!


Y. Emery
Naples, FL

To Dr. Kimbrough & ‘Family’:

You have made me a very happy person, living a brand new lifestyle. My confidence in my appearance is restored ever since I had implants.

This letter is my thankyou to you and a testimony to anyone who is considering having an implant done.
I’m a little person with a healthy appetite! I called myself the “Gerber Grandma” for what seemed to be forever being I had to put all my food together in a blender in order to eat. Going to restaurants was a thing of the past because my partial could not hold, since my gums had shrunk so badly. Even talking was scary!

Many times I ate separately in the kitchen at my daughter’s house when invited because I was so self conscious of the situation and was tired of explaining to the guests of my plight.

The Swedish doctor that cnceived the Braniff Method of Implantation, has my undying gratitude, for now I’m able to chew anything & my teeth stay as secure as the ones I was born with! (maybe better for all I know!)

Dr. Kimbrough was my choice to complete the implant since he is a very meticulous & caring person in his field. His staff is made up of the same type of caring people & they have done a beautiful job on my new teeth. I greatly appreciated his patience in seeing they were completed to my satisfaction.

For anyone considering this wonderful answer to the sad problem of periodontal disease, don’t hesitate! You’ll wish you had done it sooner, as I have. Go for it!

Yours truly,
Bonnie J. Muffett

Dear Dr. Kimbrough,

Thanks so much for fixing my chopped front tooth. You are very generous and a great dentist. I appreciate your taking care of me and my family all these years.


Liz Drayer

Our family was a patient of Dr. Kimbrough’s back in the 80s. Me, my sister and my dad all went to him after he left Dr. Bratton’s office. We went to him when he was at Bayshore Drive and continued as he moved towards Countryside. I won’t say every visit was a pleasure, but, I will say every dentist I’ve had since then has been measured by him. He was great.

Anyhow, in 1981 I had a 3 tooth bridge put on by Dr. Kimbrough. Over the last 25 years, a lot has happened… but, the bridge never failed. I finally managed to chip it on a bottle 2 months ago and it needed to be replaced. As they were removing it, they commented it was a ‘great job’. But of course, I knew that.

I figured that not everyone gets a ‘thank you’ after 25 years and I wanted to express my thanks.

Scott Hutton

Dear Dr. Kimbrough,

Thank you for letting me help out and for letting me help my Grandma.


Kristina Cavallaro

My friend did I ever tell you
the priceless gift you are to me
truly treasured and cherished
and will forever be.

Each man’s life should be blessed
with at least one friend like you
and take time to thank his Eternal Father
for that gift so rare and true.

For seldom within one lifetime
is one man truly blessed
to have one friend with the depth of you
while soaring above the rest.

For your gift of friendship is endless
as you touch the lives of all
for they too share in this priceless gift
for you are a man without a wall,

but rather an inner light and warmth
without boundaries and limitations
for once a man has a friend like you
all others are imitations.

Dear Dr. Kimbrough, Kay, Aneli, Lisa and Valerie:

Just wanted to thank you all for the exceptional service and compassion.

I will surely recommend you highly.

Larry Johnston

Dr. Ralph Kimbrough, BS, DMD

Dear Ralph

I want to thank you not only for the lovely gift of Johnson’s words but for your words of encouragement and regard. Your presence in my life has meant much to me and to my family. I am so grateful for your many kindnesses.

Warmest regards,


My dear grandson,

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on the formal opening of your new office. I am so very proud of your achievement.

It’s my heart desire to be near you on this special occasion. Distant fear of planes at the young age of 85 has control of me. Will be thinking of you, your happiness every minute of the day. I love you dearly.

My love to you and yours,

Mama dear

Kitty and I want to thank you again for all of the purrrrr-fect care and love you dispense so willingly. You all know so well the art of giving of yourselves.


Helen Kenzel

Dear Dr. Kimbrough:

I saw Hazel Crabtree in follow-up on September 17, 1993. She appears to be making satisfactory progress with her mandible fractures. I wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on the superb job you did with her new dentures. She is extremely pleased with the function and aesthetics.

I was also quite impressed with the excellent result you obtained with what we all recognize as an extremely challenging clinical situation. She was also very pleased with the care and attention your staff provided to her. You certainly will want to convey this to them and ask them to keep up the good work.


Thomas J. Boland, MD, DMD

I’m still in awe about how gorgeous my new teeth are and can’t resist an opportunity to ‘flash’ them whenever I can.

You delivered what you promised, and then some. And it was all ‘painless’!

Much love,

Sheila Bernstein

Dr. Ralph Kimbrough, BS, DMD


They say a smile enhances your face value… you’ve raised mine 100%! Thanks for all the extra attention!



Dr. R. Kimbrough and staff,

Wish to thank you all for your kind effort for putting me back together. It’s wonderful to be able to eat and chew my food again. My husband is happy with the results also. We both wish you all much happiness.


Joe and June Vinikas

Dr. Ralph Kimbrough, DMD

Dear Dr. Kimbrough,

I want to thank you for your deep expression of condolences over the recent loss of my mother. I miss her terribly, as I’m sure you miss yours. I did not know that you lost your Mom last year and I am truly sorry. We are so blessed to have been their children.

I really appreciate your kindness as well as your staff’s and I care very much about all of you.


Terry Libotsky


Dear Ralph,

Quiero que sepas que aquí todos te recordamos y que tu eres lo mas especial que reguarda mi corazón.

Fuiste mejor que cualquier ‘padre’ preocupandose por mi hija; siempre estarás en mi ocupando el mejor lugar, eres lo más bello que he conocido.

Gracias por demostrarme que aun hay angeles en este mundo. Gracias por darme esperanza y aliento y por mostrarme que a pesar de todo todavía hay mucho amor y bondad.

Te quiere,

Sheyla Melanie


Dear Ralph:

You are probably not aware that I moved out of Florida over a year ago. I now live where I was raised, on the north shore of Long Island. I am enjoying it.

I recently went to my dentist from about 15 years ago. He was amazed at how well my teeth looked. I explained to him that it was you that not only did the front caps but got me into good hygienic habits (I still brush with Interplak, floss and use the Waterpik with Listerine every day). He said your work was ‘absolutely fantastic!’

I remember when I was going with Kristy and she told me how good your work was and I have never doubted it from the experience I had. I want you to know how much I appreciate all your work and help. I also want to find that Alabama hillbilly guitar music you played at a party at your house years ago.

[…] Thank you for your time and consideration. With all best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Gregory J. Tarone

Dear Dr Ralph,

I’m overyoyed and forever thankful for the sparkling smile youhave prepared for me. It’s so evident that you are multitalented, however you truly do possess an extraordinary gift in cosmetic dentistry. Your technique from beginning to end is painless and that’s a confidence I’m assured of during any visit.

I appreciate you, Dr. Ralph as well as all the wonderful ladies in the office. I must say Valerie is an incredible complement to your practice. She is compassionate, talented, intelligent and professional.


Christine B.

Dr. Ralph Kimbrough, BS, DMD

To Dr. Kimbrough & staff,

Thank you for taking excellent care and making me so happy – now I can enjoy solid food. Happy Holidays,

Mary Mc Elsen


Tank you so much for your support. Your followup on my well being is second to none.


Terri deHaag


Thank you Dr. Kimbrough, Anelli, Kay, Lisa and Valerie.

Little did I know I would find such wonderful friends at my dentist’s office. Thank you for the fabulous care and all the perks that go with it – the delicious home made bread, a lovely birthday card and a beautiful plant which lights up my life every time I look at it.


May each of you be blessed every day of your life. You have blessed mine and I am truly grateful.

Love and hugs,

Jane O’Neil

One response to “Testimonials

  1. You have been my dentist and friend since 1974 when you were just a young wippersnapper coming home from the Vietnam War. You have cared for me and my teeth for 39 years now and they have never looked better. Thanks for all the years of superior dentistry.
    You, Aneli, Val, Kay, Lisa have always made me feel special as if I was the only patient you have for the day. I consider you all my friends as well as my dental specialists. Love you all!…
    Laura Kingsland (Leo Lady)

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