Our staff

Dr. Ralph Kimbrough has been practicing superior dentistry for over 40 years in the Clearwater area. Each of his assistants have over 10 years experience and has been trained by the best in the business.

We utilize the top two technicians in the nation, one specializing in crowns and the other in dentures. They come here to work directly with our patients to ensure perfection in shade matching, tooth length and other crucial factors.


“My first job was with Walt Disney World which was super fun for many years. I was one of the chipmunks and served as a concierge as well as dancing in the shows.

I then went to college for Dental Hygiene which I have been performing for more than 13 years.  The last 8 have been with the best dentist in the world… Dr Kimbrough.
My pride and joy is Urban , a miniature australian shepherd who consumes most of my free time…”

Kay Hartnett

“I live in Dunedin FL,  married to a retired marine officer. I have 3 children, 8 grand children 5 great grandchildren. Changed professions from banking to dental after 30 years in banking management.

I enjoy the dental profession  and the great staff i work with. In my spare time, I enjoy reading , traveling and shopping. I have one baby at home , she is a 7 year old poodle named Sofee.”

Aneli Kimbrough






Valerie Palermo

“I live in Palm Harbor, FL. I am married to Bobby Palermo, an entertainer. I have two wonderful children and an adorable dog named Levi.

I have been working with Dr. Ralph Kimbrough for 33 years and I continue to enjoy my job, the people I work with and all of our patients. I certainly found a home away from home.

Our office has such a friendly caring and professional environment. Our patients needs and expectations are always carefully met.

Dr. Kimbrough is still enjoying his work for over 40 years. I truly feel and know our patients have the best of care our profession can provide. Dr. Kimbrough still continues to amaze me with his knowledge and talents.”

Caroline Kimbrough

Last but not least, our youngest assistant, Dr. Kimbrough’s beautiful daughter Caroline.

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